LePage PL200 Drywall Construction Adhesive 825ml
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LePage PL200 Drywall Construction Adhesive 825ml


LePage PL 200 Drywall & Paneling Construction Adhesive is a premium-grade adhesive that’s specifically formulated for drywall applications.

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SKU: 1421928

SKU: 1421928
  • Designed For Drywall: Specially formulated for indoor and outdoor projects that involve drywall
  • Versatile: Adhesive is also capable of bridging minor framing irregularities and filling gaps
  • Quick and Easy: Develops permanent bonds quickly to reduce the need for fasteners and nails by 50%-60%
  • Bonds to: Panelling, chipboard, fibreboard, cork board, wood moulding, cured concrete, metal, and more
  • Durable: Waterproof, weatherproof, and cold-weather gunnable for outdoor use

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