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Welcome Rachel Oslund at Pillar to Post Home Inspections in Columbia, MD!

Heroes Home Advantage welcomes Rachel Oslund at Pillar to Post Home Inspections in Columbia, MD! Call (301) 512-5641!

“I am so passionate about the Heroes Home Advantage because I feel as though the people who do the most important jobs in our country and have the greatest impact on our society are some of the least compensated financially.

My mom, sister, and several close friends are teachers. They spend an amazing amount of money on supplies for their classrooms – often just for the very basics. How can they get ahead financially, buy a home, and provide their families with the stability that offers when they are spending so much on others? I want to help our Teachers as my way of showing them appreciation and that their sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

My younger son is a Marine. He went off to Parris Island, South Carolina for Recruit Training immediately after his high school graduation. He felt passionate about serving his country, he was excited about going. At a time when others his age were dating, at the beach, goofing off, and preparing for college, my son was learning how to protect their right to do whatever they wanted. I am so proud of him; but, I also mourn the spontaneous, carefree living that he missed out on following his high school graduation. He is just one of many young people who do exactly what my son did. I want to be able to help our Service Members as much as I can to show them that their sacrifices are noticed and appreciated.

It’s only right that those who serve us, protect us, and help raise our children should be given every opportunity possible to have the best our country has to offer. Heroes Home Advantage offers me a way to personally touch people’s lives in such a meaningful way. I appreciate the opportunity to serve those who have made my way of life possible.” – Rachel Oslund

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