Heroes Home Advantage

Thank You, Veterans!

Heroes Home Advantage and its nationwide Partners salute our Veterans. We feel it’s not enough to designate one day per year to thank Veterans for their service, rather find many ways throughout the year to show our gratitude. Letters of support, sending welcome packages, etc.

One of the ways Heroes Home Advantage has shown appreciation is by hiring Veterans. Veterans have a variety of skills to make them prime candidates in many fields. There has been some improvement recently with companies setting goals to hire hundreds if not thousands of Veterans over a certain period of time.

Although we can appreciate news articles, blogs and social networking posts about showing respect to Veterans, we need to put action behind words. As a community we should come together to not only show respect but to show support.

Most likely you have a family member or friend who is a serviceman or servicewoman. It is important that they all have a solid foundation and a sense of belonging.

How can you show your support today?