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Soldiers Want To Roll Up Their Sleeves!


According to USA Today, troops in other services can roll their sleeves, but soldiers have not been able to since the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) replaced the Battle Dress Uniform (BDU).

Specialist Milt Perkins, 26, and other Army soldiers are requesting that the rules be amended and that they can roll up the sleeves of their Army Combat Uniforms during the hot summer months.

“I sweat every day when I walk to work,” Perkins told Army Times. “You get sticky.”

Army officials have stated that the ACU top was designed to protect soldiers’ forearms from sun exposure causing skin cancer, insect bites and other elements. It’s not intended to be cuffed or rolled at the sleeve and the issue is currently not on the table, although leadership is “always looking to make our clothing and equipment better,” according to Command Sergeant Major Doug Maddi, senior enlisted adviser to PEO Soldier, the office that procures and provides soldier equipment.

Fox News reported that troops in the other U.S. services, meanwhile, are allowed to roll their sleeves, most notably leading to the Marines’ “suns out, guns out” mantra.


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