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Heroes Home Advantage welcomes Michael Terrell with Ideal Home Inspection Services!

Heroes Home Advantage welcomes Michael Terrell with Ideal Home Inspection Services in Phoenix, AZ! Call (602) 399-2465!

“After being introduced to the “Heroes Home Advantage” program by a local realtor, I thought “what a great idea and program”. As I learned more about the program and saw the Facebook post of all the Heroes saving money through the program making such a huge impact for these families.
I am the son of a Vietnam Veteran and both of my Grandfathers served, one in the Army and the other in the Navy, my brother also served, in the Air Force. I have family members that work in the medical field as well as my wife’s side of the family having several school teachers. Friends, family and members of my community all making a commitment to serve the public, help keep us safe, educate our children, and respond to emergencies.
How could I not get involved? As a part of the community I felt a great desire to give back to those Heroes, and the “Heroes Home Advantage” program was the perfect opportunity. I find it a privilege to be a partner in a program that allows me the opportunity to give back and we at Ideal Home Inspection Services look forward to meeting and assisting as many Heroes in the community as we possibly can. To Heroes everywhere. Thank You for what you do.” -Michael Terrell

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