Heroes Home Advantage

Heroes Home Advantage welcomes Gina Warner with Kingdom Realty in Laurelville, OH!

Heroes Home Advantage welcomes Gina Warner with Kingdom Realty in Laurelville, OH! Call (740) 412-0165!

“I consider it an honor and a privilege to meet and work with our local Heroes. I am one of ‘those people’ who walks up to military personnel in the airport and restaurants and thanks them for their service. I honestly cannot say it enough, for there is no way to measure the sacrifices made by so many. I greatly appreciate the role that our country’s military has played in making the USA a place that we can enjoy many freedoms not afforded other countries of the world. I never want to take that for granted. My father was a World War II veteran and my father in law is a veteran of both the Vietnam and Korean wars. They both were willing to lay down their lives in service of our country. There are many other veterans in my family and each one was willing to do the same. My daughter is a teacher and I see how much time and money she spends even outside the school’s four walls, dedicated to making her classroom the very best educational environment possible for her students. I have many other family members who are veterans, teachers and medical professionals; and friends who are law enforcement, firefighters and first responders. I know first-hand some of the sacrifices these families make and I consider the Heroes Home Advantage program a way that I can, in turn, give back to those selfless individuals and families. I love meeting and becoming friends with those who make such a difference in our lives every day, even when we may not realize it. People are the best part of my job and I can’t wait to take exceptional care of our local Heroes through the Heroes Home Advantage Program!”- Gina Warner